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This page contains a number of comments which have been made about EdWord Professional; both by individuals and by magazines which have reviewed the product. Most of these refer to previous releases of EdWord Professional (V4.0-V5.6)

"This is one of the best Shareware text editors around [V6.0.1]"

(Amiga Format, July 1997. Demo on Coverdisk.)

EdWord voted PD Product of the Year 1996.

(Amiga User International)

"EdWord [V5.6] is so good I am wondering why I am not using it instead of my current text editor! Maybe I will in future."

(Amiga User International, October 1996. Rating: 97%)

"The favourite choice for shareware text editor, EdWord Pro [V5.5], is stable and powerful with ARexx support. [...] The most professional, stable package."

(Amiga Shopper, Issue 66)

"a powerful but easy-to-use program [...] The number of features is quite staggering"

(Amiga Shopper, Issue 56)

"This version [V5.0] has the save facility disabled; you have to use the save as option. It's just a minor annoyance put there by the author to coax you into registering, and so you should with such a brilliant piece of software"

(Amiga User International, January 1995. Demo on coverdisk)

"Powerful and packed with features, EdWord [V4.1] is an excellent tool for the programmer and the occasional Shell person. At this low price you really should buy it, even if it's just because it might come in handy one day"

(Amiga Format, March 1994. Rating: 79%)

"since the cost is only 10 PDS, and includes things like over 160K-worth of AmigaGuide format documentation, I'm sure that any users will soon register anyway. EdWord Professional [V4.0] is well worth investigating if you need a text processor. Check it out."

(Amiga Shopper, January 1994. Rating: 10/10)

"EdWord Professional [V4.1] is powerful, reliable, a joy to use and affordable. And it is going to get better."

(Ron Upton, Megadisk magazine review)

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