Version 6.0

De-Archiving Utilities

Below you will find a number of Amiga binaries for extracting files from various types of archives. Here you will find de-archivers for lha, dms and uuencoded files. N.B. Some browsers may try to download these files and display them as text. If this is the case, then you should explicitly download them as files to be saved to disk (e.g. in Netscape use SHIFT+LeftMouseButton)


Click Here to download a copy of Lha V1.38 (52K). This is the evaluation version of a shareware product, written by Stefan Boberg. © 1991,92. All rights reserved. Not for commercial use.

Example extraction: lha x <filename>


Click Here to download a copy of DMS V1.11 (52K). This is the freely available command line version, written by SDS Software. © 1989-91. All rights reserved.

Example extraction: DMS WRITE <filename> TO DF1:


Click Here to download a copy of uudecode V5.3 (12K). This is a freely available utility to extract uuencoded files. Author unknown.

Example extraction: uudecode <filename>

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