Version 6.0

EdSpell V1.0

The EdSpell package provides a spell checker facility for the text editor EdWord Professional via a number of ARexx scripts. EdSpell offers a main dictionary of 28,137 words with the ability for users to add and delete words via their own personal User Dictionary. Facilities are provided to check the entire document (from the cursor or from the top of the file), check a block of text, check the current word, look a word up in the dictionary and delete a word from your User Dictionary.

EdSpell uses the freely-available ISpell package by Loren J. Rittle in order to implement the spell checking.

N.B. The EdSpell ARexx scripts have been written for use with EdWord Professional V5.5 or greater. (Although it is possible to make them work with V5.0). Full documentation and an installation utility are provided in the archive (387K). EdSpell is freely-available.

N.B. EdSpell is supplied as an lha archive. You will therefore require an appropriate dearchiving utility in order to extract the demo files. If you do not have one, then you can pick one from Here. You can then extract all the files with a command like: "lha x EdSpellV1.0.lha".

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